How Much Is Acura MDX Insurance?

An Acura MDX insurance costs an average of $191 per month, or $2,292 per year. This is nearly $1,000 higher than the national average of $1,318 but less than Michigan’s high average of $2,551. The true cost, however, is decided by your driving history, yearly mileage, state of residence, and a variety of other factors.

Specifications for the Acura MDX

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Since 2000, the Acura MDX has been on the market. The car is one of the market’s most popular three-row luxury crossovers. The 2017 Acura MDX has a hybrid option for improved fuel economy. Insurance carriers evaluate the cost of insurance for an Acura MDX based on safety ratings, theft rates, replacement costs, and general damage susceptibility.

Insurance prices differ depending on a driver’s history and location. Receive insurance quotes from many carriers before purchasing an Acura MDX to ensure you get the best deal available. Check to discover if you are eligible for insurance discounts.

How to Get Acura MDX Insurance Quotes

Because automotive insurance is never one-size-fits-all, your coverage may vary depending on your insurance provider and policy choices. You should always assess your options in order to get the finest coverage for your Acura MDX, but you may be unclear how to do so.

Keep the following items in mind while comparing car insurance for your Acura MDX:

  • Price. While price is an important consideration, you must also ensure that you are receiving the coverage you needed.
  • Deductible. Some carriers may let you to cut your premiums by changing your deductible level. It is vital to choose a suitable value for your situation, taking into account factors such as the most likely item to require replacement and how much they would cost in terms of money vs. deductible.
  • Coverage is kept to a bare minimum. The state-mandated minimum level of coverage varies. Check to check whether your coverage meets your state’s standards.
  • Extra safeguards. Supplementary coverage, such as personal injury or uninsured motorist coverage, is often included by insurance providers.
  • Extras. Do you need any additional protection for your Acura MDX? This includes things like tire and rim coverage and tailored auto insurance.
  • Restrictions. When choosing a provider and insurance, keep any restrictions in mind, such as where you drive, ridesharing, and so on.
  • A promotional offer from the manufacturer or a loyalty discount. Discounts or special offers may be available from some manufacturers as a result of agreements with insurance firms. Check with Acura and any potential providers to see if there are any special offers available to you.
  • Warranty. Check with your manufacturer and provider to confirm that there is no overlap between the manufacturer’s coverage or warranty and the additional coverage options offered by your provider. For example, if your MDX comes with new car coverage, paying for gap insurance is pointless.

What factors affect Acura MDX insurance?

Auto insurance premiums are computed using a range of parameters. While your location, driving record, and policy choices all have a significant impact, the car you choose to insure may have a significant impact on the amount you pay for auto insurance.

Here are a few vehicle-specific factors that influence your rate:

  • The bodily type. The Acura MDX is a mid-sized SUV that would do well in a crash. However, because it is more expensive to repair than a sedan, you may end up paying more than you would if you insured an Acura ILX, for example.
  • Model of a car. The Acura MDX is categorized as a high-end SUV. It is frequently less expensive to insure than a sports car, but more expensive than a sedan. SUVs may be safer in a collision, but they may cost more to fix.
  • Theft. SUVs, for example, are stolen at a lower rate than sedans, making them less expensive to insure.
  • Repairs. Because the Acura MDX is a relatively new vehicle produced both in the United States and abroad, replacement parts and services are readily available. However, it is a high-end SUV that may be pricey to repair.
  • Ratings for security. The MDX, like other Acura vehicles, has great safety ratings, which may result in reduced total auto insurance costs.

How do trim packages and other building options affect Acura MDX insurance costs?

The trim and options on your Acura MDX, as well as vehicle-specific features, may influence the amount of auto insurance you pay. Here are some 2018 Acura MDX options and how they may affect your premiums when compared to the standard car.

  • Navi. Additional safety and navigation systems may improve the Acura MDX’s roadworthiness, perhaps saving you money on car insurance.
  • Tech. The bulk of the features in this package are designed for comfort and convenience, and they should have no direct impact on the cost of vehicle insurance.
  • Elite. Parking sensors, fog lights, and a surround view camera system may help to reduce accidents, cutting your insurance rates.
  • Passenger in an Elite 6 plane. This package is meant to make the inside more comfortable, but the surround vision camera system may help to reduce the cost of vehicle insurance.
  • Sport Hybrid. While this package contains various safety features, it also boosts horsepower, which may result in higher insurance costs. However, it is also a hybrid, for which many providers provide discounts.
  • MDX Canadian ultimate and platinum packages are available. Both of these packages are essentially aesthetic in nature, thus they should have little impact on your premiums. Both alternatives, however, significantly increase the value of your vehicle, which may have an effect.
  • Package deal for sports aficionados. This bundle, once again, includes things that provide visual appeal but should not have a big influence on your premiums.
  • 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels. This package offers your car a sportier appearance and increases its value, which may increase the cost of auto insurance.
  • LED-based fog lights. Fog lights can help you see better and be a safer driver. This feature has the potential to reduce your insurance costs.
  • Sensors for parking are used. Parking sensors may increase visibility and maybe prevent accidents, hence cutting your insurance rates.
  • Back-up sensors are installed at the rear of the vehicle. Rear backup sensors, like parking sensors, may help minimize accidents and hence lower rates.
  • The wheels have been locked. Wheel locks considerably reduce the likelihood of your wheels being stolen, and many providers provide discounts for having them installed.

Money-saving Acura MDX safety features

You may be able to save money on auto insurance if your Acura MDX includes these safety features.

  • Cruise control with adjustable parameters
  • Lane-departure warning systems advise drivers when they are going to exit their lane.
  • Collision-avoidance technology is a type of collision-avoidance technology.
  • Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) are a type of braking system that
  • Aerial bags
  • For the time being, the lights are on.

Is it possible to get Acura MDX insurance vehicle reductions?

Many insurance providers provide discounts based on the vehicle you choose to insure. Discounts may vary by area, supplier, automobile, and other factors, but the following should apply to the Acura MDX:

  • Specials on new vehicles
  • Anti-lock brakes are on sale.
  • Anti-theft methods are eligible for a discount.
  • Passive constraint discount (Airbags, motorized seat belts, and so on.)
  • Use or low mileage discounts
  • Discount for roadside help in an emergency

How reliable is the Acura MDX?

Acura has a reputation for producing trustworthy vehicles, but the 2017 MDX falls a bit short, according to JD Power. When compared to other luxury SUVs in its price range, it has a predicted dependability score of 35, which is about average. The Acura MDX has been the subject of many recalls spanning several model years.

Here are a few recent recall examples:

  • In 2016, a limited number of vehicles had fuel tank leaks.
  • There was a damaged air conditioner compressor clutch, an abrupt brake application, and a gasoline tank leaking in 2015.
  • Front seatbelts have limited usefulness in cold weather.
  • In 2013, the driveshaft separates from the drivetrain.
  • In 2012, fuel spills from the gas tank.
  • In 2010, an inside trim bolt was missing.

If you own one of those model years or believe your vehicle is susceptible to a recall, please contact Acura as soon as possible.

Even with a low mileage, the 2003 Acura MDX is regarded to have the most issues of any model year. The bulk of complaints concern transmission issues, which may cost drivers up to $5,000 to repair. However, questions have been raised about later model years as well. Owners of 2014 vehicles have experienced stalling and lurching with light acceleration, as well as paint concerns, strange noises, and other difficulties.

What is the safety rating of the Acura MDX?

The Acura MDX has high safety ratings and a number of safety features that may help you save money on car insurance. After all, a lower chance of filing personal injury claims often results in lower auto insurance costs. The 2018 Acura MDX was rated a top safety pick for 2018 by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration awarded the MDX a perfect 5-star rating for 2013-2018 versions.

Service for Acura MDX

Routine maintenance is critical for extending the life of your Acura MDX and maintaining optimal operation.

The 2018 Acura MDX gets about 18 miles per gallon in the city and 26 miles per gallon on the highway. Older models, like as the 2007 MDX, get close to 15 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the interstate. While Acura prefers that customers bring their MDX to a shop for service, having it serviced elsewhere will not void your warranty.

The 2018 Acura MDX comes with a four-year/50,000-mile basic warranty and a six-year/70,000-mile powertrain warranty. Acura, on the other hand, offers a number of extended warranty options.

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