What Is The Best Car Insurance For The Military?

USAA is the best overall car insurance for military members and their families. Geico offers the best military car insurance discounts. Esurance is the best military car insurance for active duty. You might wonder what is the best car insurance for the military.

USAA Car Insurance: Best Overall

Best Car Insurance For the military - USAA Car Insurance Logo

USAA offers the best car insurance plans for veterans and their families. USAA is a US-based car insurance company. USAA has the lowest monthly rates of any car insurance provider. USAA car insurance can be useful for members of the military because they are accepted at many military bases. Esurance Esurance offers insurance coverage for active duty, military reserves and their dependents. To qualify, a military member or their spouse must register with Esurance. Military dependents must have their own policy and an active military member must register with Esurance. Esurance also offers military members financial assistance.

Geico Car Insurance: Best For Military Discounts

Family and cargo insurance from Geico is the best car insurance in the country for military members, the corporation said. Members who have additional coverage for personal vehicles are eligible to receive an additional 20 percent savings on their comprehensive or collision insurance premiums.

U.S. Army National Guard Airman 1st Class Jon Lemke got his chance to see just how affordable the car insurance from Geico really is. He took a trip to a Geico location, where he talked to a Geico saleswoman about his car insurance needs. After meeting the criteria, the saleswoman made an offer for a $36 savings. Lemke said he was happy with the result. “The Geico sales agent was very polite and informative.

Esurance: Best For Active Duty

Esurance is a relatively young company that was founded in 2001 and sells auto and home insurance. For a military family that travels a lot and their home is in a dangerous part of the country, this car insurance could be a good choice. For active duty members and their families, the Esurance Military Discount is their way of saying “thank you” for their service.

From the time the discount is applied, the policyholder is eligible for a 20 percent discount on monthly premiums for a duration of three years. Geico is the other popular name in car insurance, offering discounts for those who work for the government and buy Geico vehicles. Geico also has a policy for active duty service members that offers a 10 percent discount off their policy and free roadside assistance.


Military car insurance is a complicated issue. The insurance policy offered by a carrier doesn’t simply help you if your vehicle is involved in an accident. The military car insurance is designed to provide assistance to members of the military in the event that their personal vehicle is destroyed or stolen. However, it’s important to know the type of coverage provided by the carrier. The services and bonuses you can receive depend on the type of insurance policy offered by the carrier.

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