Genesis Insurance Rates

The Genesis insurance rates monthly average is about $175. Many factors, both personal and car-related, will influence your real cost. Your driving record, the amount of miles you drive in a year, your age and location, as well as the year, model, and trim package of your Genesis, are all factors that influence the cost of insurance. 

How a vehicle from Genesis affects the cost of insurance

Because to the fact that a Genesis is considered a luxury vehicle, your premium will be higher due to the vehicle’s higher maintenance and replacement costs. However, the Genesis’s superior safety ratings and low theft rate help offset the expense of insurance.

Insurance for your Genesis will be simple to obtain. Most insurers cover this high-end vehicle.

Pros and cons of Genesis insurance

Genesis Insurance Rates - Genesis Car Brand Logo


  • Great safety ratings
  • Not often stolen


  • Luxury car
  • Expensive to repair or replace

About the Genesis brand

Genesis is a relative newcomer to the automobile industry, having arrived in the United States in 2016. The Hyundai Genesis, which has been manufactured since 2008, inspired the notion for this premium label.

Hyundai stated in 2015 its intention to grow the Genesis brand into a stand-alone marque. Currently, only the G80 and G90 are available, but plans call for the addition of a sports coupé and an SUV in the future.

What’s Genesis Service Valet?

The service center comes to you with Genesis Service Valet. Genesis will remotely analyze your vehicle, tow it to a service location, and provide you with a courtesy car. They will even return your vehicle to you once all repairs are finished. For three years or 36,000 miles, Genesis Service Valet is free.

Genesis car facts

  • Genesis is a luxury line of cars from Hyundai.
  • J.D. Power ranked Genesis the Highest Premium Brand in Initial Quality in 2017.
  • Genesis was announced as a stand-alone brand in 2015.

Should You Buy A Genesis?

As a high-end vehicle, the Genesis insurance rates will likely be higher as well. However, be careful to search around for the most affordable auto insurance.

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