Kia Insurance Rates

The average Kia insurance rates is $186.70 a month, or $2,240.40 a year, according to the Insurance information institute. According to your driving record, the number of miles you travel in a year, and other variables, your real cost may be more or lower than this. In addition to your age and location, other factors that influence the price of insurance include the model year, trim package, and year of manufacture for the vehicle you drive (Kia).

How a vehicle from Kia affects insurance costs

Kia Insurance Rates - Kia

Kia’s are reasonably priced automobiles, which makes insurance more reasonably priced as well. These automobiles are not expensive to fix or replace, which helps to keep the cost of insurance low as well. Other factors that insurance companies take into consideration when calculating the cost of your insurance premium include the performance of newer Kia models in safety testing.

Some Kias, on the other hand, are targeted by thieves, which may result in a rise in the cost of insurance.

Kia roadside assistance

Free roadside assistance is included with all new Kia vehicles manufactured in 2014 or after for up to 5 years or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first. The following are included in the Kia roadside assistance service:

  • Towing to the nearest Kia dealership
  • Battery jump start
  • Flat tire change
  • Gasoline supply in the event that you run out of gasoline is restricted to two times per year and up to two gallons of gas each delivery.
  • Lockout if you lost your key
  • Trip interruption up to $300 for food, lodging, and alternative transportation for overnight excursions more than 150 miles away from home is covered by the insurance.

To get Kia roadside help, contact the company’s 24-hour roadside assistance hotline at 1-800-333-4542. When you call, you’ll be asked to give the VIN number of your car. There is a maximum limit of $75 for each roadside event that may be purchased.

New Kia drivers will not be required to purchase this coverage as part of their auto insurance policy. Car insurance policies that include roadside assistance may be purchased by drivers who own older Kia’s that no longer have roadside warranty coverage. This allows you to get roadside assistance whenever you need it.

Pros and cons of insuring a Kia


  • Newer models do well in safety tests
  • Not costly to repair or replace
  • Decent gas mileage


  • Targeted by thieves

About the Kia brand

Kia was founded in 1944, and its first manufacturing opened its doors the following year. However, it wasn’t until the 1980s that the business started exporting automobiles to the United States.

Kia has received many accolades throughout the years, including the 5 Great Deals award from Kelley Blue Book, the Car Company of the Year award from Autocar, and the Environmental Management Award.

Are there any standout Kia models?

In terms of pricing, the K900 ranks as Kia’s most expensive vehicle, with a base price of $49,900.This premium model Kia is powered by a 3.8L V6 engine with 311 horsepower, which results in a smooth and comfortable overall ride. Kia’s aim with the K900 was to “breathe fresh life into luxury,” and the vehicle does this via the use of dynamic bending light, an aerodynamic design, prestige distance (the distance between the cabin and the front wheel), and a large and pleasant interior.

What’s Kia UVO?

In addition to providing eServices, UVO is an infotainment and telematics system for Kia owners. Navigation, diagnostics, a rear-camera display, emergency help, and a parking reminder are just a few of the features. With the UVO app installed on your smartphone, you can perform remote instructions such as temperature control, lock/unlock your vehicle, check the condition of your vehicle, and locate your vehicle.

When it comes to Kia cars, UVO will be accessible on the majority of them starting in 2014.

Kia car facts

  • Kia is the second largest automotive manufacturer in South Korea and has been around since 1944.
  • In 2015, Kia sold over 3.3 million vehicles.
  • Kia base prices start at $15,000 and can go up to $50,000.

Bottom line

Except in the case of personal circumstances, Kia’s are usually cheap to insure; nevertheless, it is recommended that you search about to get the most affordable car insurance for your needs.

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