Lincoln Insurance Rates

The average monthly Lincoln insurance rates premium is $179, or $2,144 per year. Lincoln is well-known for attracting intelligent consumers and produces vehicles with a premium MSRP. The higher-than-average price tag typically results in an increase in insurance rates. On the positive side, Lincolns are rarely targeted by auto thieves and often receive high safety ratings.

How a vehicle from Lincoln affects insurance costs

Lincoln Insurance Rates - Lincoln Logo

Insurance companies determine the cost of automobile insurance by considering a vehicle’s safety rating, its probability of being stolen, and the cost of replacement or repair, among other variables.

Due to the expensive cost of repairing or replacing a Lincoln, insurance costs are increased; nevertheless, strong safety ratings and the fact that they do not rank among the most stolen vehicles assist to reduce your insurance rate.

The majority of major insurance companies will cover your Lincoln. Consult your provider if you own an older Lincoln, such as the Mark VII or VIII. Above all, shop around for the best deal.

Are there any standout Lincoln models?

One of the most popular automobiles of Lincoln is the navigator. In fact, the demand is impossible to satisfy for Ford (the parent company of Lincoln). And why is it not hard to see? A twin 450-hours turbocharged engine, a 10-speed transmission, and a towing capability of 8,700 livres are available in the cars. The interior has a “best class” second and third-row legroom, wireless charging, power outlets, and a heads-up display.

New Navigators start at $72,555 MSRP, with monthly auto insurance premiums at $159, roughly $600 more than the national average but still a very acceptable cost for such an expensive vehicle.

Pros and cons of insuring a Lincoln


  • Not commonly targeted by thieves
  • Good safety ratings


  • A high purchase price means they are pricey to repair or replace

About the Lincoln brand

In 1917, Henry Leland, founder of Cadillac, created the Lincoln Motor Company. Five years later, it was sold to Ford because of financial difficulties. Lincoln designed the famous Continental in 1939 under the auspices of its new parent business. The Town Car debuted 40 years later, followed by the Navigator in the 1990s.

Lincoln has updated its car designs to appeal to younger consumers in today’s market, despite an older buyer base. The Continental in particular is attracting renewed interest since it is more comfortable, roomier, more attractive, just like a premium automobile should be.

Lincoln car facts

  • Lincolns aren’t cheap: The lowest-priced model is the MKZ, which starts at $35,170. Pricier vehicles mean pricier insurance.
  • Fortunately, Lincoln cars don’t tend to attract car thieves, and they generally score solid crash safety ratings. These factors keep insurance prices down.
  • Lincoln has the oldest median buyer age, just ahead of Buick and Lexus.
  • You may want more than minimum liability coverage for your Lincoln, expanding your protection through comprehensive coverage.

What’s Lincoln Black Label?

Lincoln Lincoln’s Black Label vehicles represent the automaker’s “highest expression of design and service.” Customers receive exceptional treatment when they purchase a Black Label Lincoln, including a private fitting room at the dealership or a liaison will bring the showroom to them.

On the design front, Black Label cars are available in three distinct themes: Modern Heritage, which features a clean, classic design; Indulgence, which features a rich, luxurious design; and Center Stage, which features a theatrical flair.

Additionally, Black Label models have membership benefits. Complimentary vehicle washes, annual detailing, and a four-year maintenance plan are all included with membership.

Should You Buy A Lincoln?

Your luxury Lincoln may come with an equally expensive auto insurance policy, so be careful to look around for the best deal.

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