Maserati Insurance Rates

The regular cost of Maserati insurance rates varies significantly based on the model, your region, your driving history, and a variety of other criteria. However, you should anticipate paying a hefty monthly fee for this worldwide symbol. By reading this article you will know more about Maserati Insurance Rates. It will help you change your Maserati insurance rates.

How a vehicle from Maserati affects insurance costs

Maserati Insurance Rates - Maserati Logo

Insurance providers consider a vehicle’s safety ratings, risk of theft, and cost of replacement or repair, among other variables.

Not only are Maseratis prohibitively costly to acquire, but they are also prohibitively expensive to insure. Due to their high purchase price, they are also expensive to fix or replace, increasing the cost of insurance. Additionally, because this is such a high-end vehicle, Maserati owners are likely to opt for more than the mandatory liability coverage, which increases insurance prices.

To secure financing for a Maserati, you’ll need a high-end supplier. While a few well-known insurers offer coverage, you may need to look into specialized exotic and sports car insurance. Occasionally, this type of coverage is referred to as luxury car insurance.

Are there any standout models?

Whilst one might argue that each Maserati is unique, the Maserati Ghibli made its debut in 1966 as a grand tourer with motorsport DNA. There are two trim levels available today: GranLusso and GranSport.

Prices for what is being touted as the “ultimate antithesis of ordinary” begin at $73, 000.

About the Maserati brand

Maserati began making racing vehicles in 1914 when the Maserati brothers formed their eponymous firm in Italy. Its vehicles won several races in their early years — and continue to do so to this day — but it wasn’t until the 1940s that they built the first Maserati aimed at everyday usage rather than racing — the legendary GranTurismo.

Today, the business is committed to “creating ultra-luxury performance vehicles with timeless Italian elegance, accommodating custom interiors, and easy, trademark sounding power.” Maserati finances and leases its automobiles through dealerships. Dealership specials vary by region and vehicle model.

Maserati car facts

  • Maseratis are one of the most expensive vehicles to insure. Reason being that you usually need more than just minimum liability coverage for your vehicle. You’ll also typically want an umbrella policy and comprehensive coverage.
  • The price to insure your Maserati will vary depending on the type and number of coverages you want in your policy.
  • Not every insurance company sells specialty/high-end car insurance. You’ll want to see a list of those that do here.

Should You Buy A Maserati?

Insurance for a Maserati is pricey, but we’re thinking that if you can afford the high purchase price, you can afford the insurance expense. However, be careful to search for the best auto insurance rates.

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