How to Get Best Military Car Insurance Discounts

Military car insurance discounts is a great way to save some money getting it. Military car insurance discounts are not a new idea. In fact, they’ve been around since the mid-1970s when insurance companies started to cede to pressure from the federal government. But do these discounts still exist? And, if so, how can you get them? Here’s a quick guide that has all the information you need.

What is a military car insurance discount?

This is a special discount for military members. You’ll be able to access the discount either through your military ID, with permission from your unit, or directly from your insurance company. The idea is to make life a little easier for the people who are most committed to protecting this country.

How do I get a member of military car insurance discount?

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Here’s how to get the military car insurance discount: you must have military service and live in the United States. The military discount can be applied to private auto insurance premiums only. On a few rare occasions, the discount can also be applied to home insurance premiums as well.

Typically, In order to qualify for a discount, you must have a social security number, have paid taxes for the past three years and have at least three years active-duty service. If you’re already retired, you’re not eligible for this specific discount, though some have veteran’s discounts.

How much can I save with a military car insurance discounts?

The best advice is to go to your local insurance agent and ask him or her to give you the military discount. Some states have special laws that require insurance agents to give military members this discount. The insurance agency should also be able to provide you with the list of participating insurance companies and the discounts available as they vary widely.

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