Toyota Insurance Rates

We gathered Toyota insurance rates from the nation’s leading insurance providers and discovered that the average monthly cost of insurance for a Toyota may range between $119.27 and $234.39. Monthly expenses, on the other hand, vary according to the type and year of your automobile.

Toyota Insurance Rates - Toyota Logo

How we got these rates

Our rates are based on a 30-year-old male driver with a spotless driving record who resides in California. California is one of seven states where vehicle insurance rates are not determined by gender. We picked full coverage auto insurance with liability limits that surpass the state minimum requirements in California, which include the following:

  • Bodily injury liability per person: $50,000
  • Bodily injury liability per accident: $100,000
  • Property damage liability: $50,000
  • Comprehensive deductible: $500
  • Collision deductible: $500
  • Medical payments: $5,000
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury: $50,000/$100,000

Your prices may vary depending on factors such as your zip code, region, work type, and yearly miles.

How much does it cost to insure a Toyota?

Insurance companies use a variety of vehicle-related aspects when calculating the cost of insurance, including the vehicle’s safety rating, risk of theft, replacement prices, and general damage susceptibility.

Toyotas do well in crash testing and are inexpensive to fix or replace, but they are frequently targeted by thieves, increasing insurance costs.

Additionally, the model, mileage, and trim package all have an effect on the cost of insurance. Additionally, personal considerations such as your driving history, credit score, and age come into play.

Toyota roadside assistance

Toyota new vehicles come with complimentary roadside assistance for up to two years with no mileage limitations. Toyota’s roadside assistance program covers the following:

  • Towing up to 25 miles to the nearest Toyota dealership or the nearest Toyota dealer of your choice within 25 miles
  • Battery jump start
  • Flat tire change if you have a spare
  • Gas delivery if you run out of fuel, including 2 gallons of gas or 5 gallons of diesel
  • Lockout if you lost your key

To contact Toyota roadside help, call the company’s 24-hour roadside assistance hotline at 1-800-444-4195 or download the Toyota Owners app. If you have the Enhanced Roadside Assistance function enabled on Toyota’s Safety Connect, when you press the SOS button, Toyota will instantly send your vehicle’s position to Toyota.

Toyota drivers who purchase a new vehicle can opt-out of adding this coverage to their auto insurance policy. Drivers of older Toyota vehicles who no longer have roadside warranty coverage may add roadside assistance to their auto insurance policy to ensure they receive assistance when they need it.

Pros and cons of insuring a Toyota


  • Great safety ratings
  • Cheap to repair or replace


  • High theft rates

About the Toyota brand

Toyota was founded in 1933 as Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. The Toyota Group continues to operate in the textile industry today, despite the fact that the majority of people know it as a vehicle maker.

Toyota has continuously ranked as the world’s largest automotive manufacturer, boosted by the continued popularity of models such as the Camry and Corolla.

What’s Toyota Entune?

Toyota’s multimedia system is called Entune. A suite of apps, hands-free calling, and navigation are included. Entune enables drivers to get health updates, remotely lock and unlock their vehicle’s doors, and connect up to five devices to the vehicle’s Wi-Fi.

Toyota car facts

  • Toyotas are terrific choices for anyone seeking a secure ride: the manufacturer’s cars consistently get high safety ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). As you would guess, this contributes to the reduction of insurance rates.
  • On the other hand, Toyotas are frequently targeted by automobile thieves. The Camry and Corolla are two of the manufacturer’s models that are on the National Insurance Crime Bureau’s “Hot Wheels” list of the ten most stolen automobiles in the United States. Insurance rates are increased as a result of this stolen data.
  • While insurance may be costly, you may find a fantastic deal on a Toyota. 2018 models begin at a reasonable $23,495 for the Camry, $24,410 for the RAV4, and $18,550 for the Corolla.
  • Lexus is a Toyota sub-brand, and certain vehicles have been sold under both names. For instance, the Lexus GS was marketed in Japan throughout the 1990s as the Toyota Aristo.

Bottom line

Due to the high theft incidence of certain Toyota models, your insurance price may increase. Toyotas’ excellent safety ratings, on the other hand, help keep prices down. Compare all of your vehicle insurance options to find the most affordable prices.

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